Village of Zeballos meetings take place as follows unless otherwise advertised:

Committee of the Whole (COW)
2nd Tuesday of the Month
7 pm – Council Chambers, 157 Maquinna Avenue, Zeballos

Regular Meetings
4th Tuesday of the Month (2nd Tuesday in December only)
7 pm – Council Chambers, 157 Maquinna Avenue, Zeballos

2024 Regular Council Meeting Schedule

What is a Regular Council Meeting?

Council holds public Regular Meetings to discuss and vote on various agenda items, like policies or community projects. The decisions made, called resolutions, guide the actions of municipal staff.

January 23

February 27

March 26

April 23

May 28

June 25

July 23

August 27

September 24

October 22

November 26

December 10

2024 Committee of the Whole Meeting Schedule

What is a Committee of the Whole (COW)?

Committee of the Whole is comprised of all members of Council, who fully participate in debate and forward recommendations to Council for final decision at a Regular Council Meeting.

The primary outcome from Committee of the Whole meetings is for Council to feel they have enough information or have had enough conversation around an issue to be able to make a recommendation to Council for action.  The Committee of the Whole does not make final decisions.  That work is done in the Regular Council meeting.

Votes taken in the Committee of the Whole are related only to recommendations and to decide if issues are ready to be taken to Council.  It encourages valuable discussion of the issues and provides a forum where Council and staff can bounce ideas to get feedback and create excitement about opportunities to improve programs and services.

January 9

February 13

March 12

April 9

May 14

June 11

September 10

October 8

November 12