Solid Waste Management

Dumpsters are located around the community, where bagged household garbage can be disposed of 24/7. These dumpsters are picked up twice weekly and brought to the landfill. There is no curbside garbage pick up in Zeballos.

Zeballos has a landfill and a recycling depot. Read more about each below!

Zeballos Landfill

The Zeballos Landfill is located 10km from Zeballos on the Fair Harbour Forest Service Road. Accepted materials are detailed in Bylaw 521, 2018 Solid Waste Rates & Regulations.

During open hours, a landfill attendant records what is being disposed of along with your contact information. Invoices are mailed to you after you’ve disposed of your waste. Payments are not accepted onsite and must be made at the Zeballos Village Office.

Landfill Hours

Wednesday1:00 pm3:00 pm
Saturday12:00 pm3:00 pm

Landfill Tipping Fees

Pickup Truck
1/2 Load
Pickup Truck
Full Load
3 Yards
Household Waste$12.85$25.70$38.55
Corrugated Cardboard$20.55$41.15$61.65
Garden & Wood Waste$12.85$20.25$30.35
Construction & Demolition Waste$20.55$41.15$61.65
Scrap Metal$20.55$41.15$61.65
Tires 16" and Less$2.35 per tire
Tires over 16"$6.45 per tire
Duroid Shingles$7.70 per bundle
Steel Cables$64.25 per spool
Vehicles & Trailers$41.15 per vehicle
(see note below re: Freon)
$12.85 per unit
Carcasses$6.45 per carcass

Any sorting required at site by the attendant will result in further charges levied at actual cost.

10– 12 yards trucks will be charged $208.85 per load for all sorted loads.

Heating and/or cooling apparatus

Heating and/or cooling apparatus that contain or have contained chlorofluorocarbons (refrigeration Units)                     $20.55/unit

Contaminates must be emptied by a Licensed Person and must have a letter to confirm that the unit has been emptied. If no letter is presented the cost will be an additional $38.10 to remove the Freon.


  1. Asbestos
  2. Seepage and sludge from wastewater treatment plants and septic tanks
  3. Paints, solvents, flammable liquids, pesticides, gasoline (these items must be taken to the depot for CPSP – Consumer Products Stewardship Programs).

Zeballos Recycling Depot

The Zeballos Recycling Depot is located at 752 Nootka Place, Zeballos.

Recycling Depot Hours

Monday8:30 am4:30 pm
Tuesday8:30 am4:30 pm
Wednesday8:30 am4:30 pm
Thursday8:30 am4:30 pm
Friday8:30 am4:30 pm
Saturday8:30 am4:30 pm

What can be recycled?