Ocean Kayaking
Zeballos has become a hot spot for kayakers accessing Catala and Nuchatlitz Provincial Parks, the islands of Kyuquot Sound and the rest of the spectacular northwest Pacific coast of Vancouver Island. Fresh water, beaches for camping, trails and a rugged coastline to explore entice return visitors.

A Forestry Recreation site at Fair Harbour is ideally located for continuing your adventures with explorations of Tahsish and Amai Inlets or the beautiful ocean beaches of Rugged Point Marine Park.

Kayaks are available locally for day trips or longer excursions.
Please see the Fishing + Outdoor Charters page under Visitor Services.

Some of the best cold water diving on Vancouver Island can be found just a short boat ride away from Zeballos. The waters are especially clear in the winter months.
Colourful anemones sway in the currents while Puget Sound king crab scuttle below. Purple hinged scallops, soft corals and abalone cling to the rocks. Curious six gill sharks glide past in the clear waters.
The steep walls of Zeballos Inlet and Kyuquot Sound provide for exceptional wall dives. Tahsis Narrows and the Gardens are well known local diving sites.

The beaches of the west coast of Nootka Island receive swells that travel across the Pacific from Japan. Charter boats are available in Zeballos to take you to these pristine beaches.
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