Walking Trails
Shady boardwalks and walking trails wind through the Zeballos River estuary and along the river, providing visitors with a perfect opportunity to enjoy the native plants and wildlife of the rainforest.

The Zeballos River estuary is designated a Wetland Reserve by the Ministry of the Environment and the Nature Trust of BC. In the spring, swarms of hummingbirds enjoy feeders put out by many residents. Eagles and herons are plentiful, as are flickers, kingfishers and finches. Ravens, woodpeckers and wrens can also often be seen. In the winter months a flock of trumpeter swans calls the inlet home. Sea ducks, such as goldeneyes, buffleheads, mergansers, widgeons and scoters, are commonly found diving and dabbling about the inlet.

Nootka Trail
Running along the west side of Nootka Island from Louie Bay to Friendly Cove, the Nootka Trail is 30 km of coastal hiking. Charters are available in Zeballos to take you to the starting point of Louie Bay if you want an alternative to floatplanes. Please see the Fishing + Outdoor Charters page under Visitor Services.

Visitors are attracted by the rich intertidal life, old growth forests, abundant wildlife and the rich native heritage of the area. Ancient village sites can be seen in the Bajo Point and Beano Creek areas.
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