Baby humpback whale spotted in the bay. Photo via Zeballos Expeditions

Wildlife Viewing
In April and May, bears are a common sight on the forestry road leading in to Zeballos. Elk are occasionally seen along the road.

In the woods around Zeballos are deer, bears, cougars, elk, marten, squirrels, raccoons, beavers and river otters.

During salmon spawning season in the fall, the river teems with fish. Bears and eagles that arrive to partake of the annual feast can be watched safely from the Sugarloaf Bridge. Trumpeter swans drift down the river, competing with the seagulls for newly laid salmon eggs. With the river running through the center of the village there’s not much need for a nature channel on TV.

Charter a boat in the spring to catch a glimpse of the grey whales passing by Nootka Island on their annual migration north. Rafts of sea otters can be seen throughout the year. Please see the Fishing + Outdoor Charters page under Visitor Services.

The Zeballos River estuary is designated a Wetland Reserve by the Ministry of the Environment and the Nature Trust of BC.

In the spring, swarms of hummingbirds enjoy feeders put out by many residents. Eagles and herons are plentiful, as are flickers, kingfishers and finches. Ravens, woodpeckers and wrens can also often be seen. In the winter months a flock of trumpeter swans calls the inlet home. Sea ducks, such as goldeneyes, buffleheads, mergansers, widgeons and scoters, are commonly found diving and dabbling about the inlet.