Do you enjoy sharing the history of Zeballos?

Council would like to invite all interested parties to apply to the village office. Must have an interest in local history. Please submit a letter to the Village Office by May 23, 2018 explaining your interest and any skills you may bring to this position.

This is a volunteer position, but the museum curator may also be hired as the Part-Time Seasonal Museum Host. Please note in your letter if you would also like to be considered for that position.

Duties will include:

  • acquisitioning or de-acquisitioning artifacts
  • cataloguing artifacts
  • attending to the museum displays
  • responding to inquiries, via email or other
  • being available to open museum for visitors upon request or by appointment
  • maintaining gift shop inventory
  • managing sales, submit funds to village office, record receipts
  • fulfilling any other related duties as requested by village office or heritage committee
  • supervising summer museum host as required. This is in conjunction with members of committee, if needed.

The Zeballos Heritage Board oversees the operation of the Museum and will provide support for the Curator. Training will be provided. Optional attendance to the Board meetings will be encouraged.

Please see the attached PDF below.

Museum Curator Ad May 2018

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