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Road Improvement Funding for Zeballos and Fair Harbour FSRs

May 3, 2018     Zeballos, British Columbia

In recent months, a collective of the Nuchatlaht Tribe, Ehattesaht/Chinehkint Tribe, Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’tles7et’h’ First Nations and the Village of Zeballos have been meeting with the Provincial Ministers and staff of Forestry and Highways regarding the Zeballos and Fair Harbour FSRs.

On April 25th, the collective met with staff representatives from the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (TRANS, formerly MoTI) and Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development (FLNRORD). They have committed to improving the running surface of the road from Highway 19 to Fair Harbour.

As summarized by Janelle Erwin, Deputy Regional Director, South Coast Region, MoTI,

“As discussed, the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure will be investing $800,000 this year along with $800,000 next year towards improving the running surface of both Zeballos and Fair Harbour Forest Service Roads.   This is NEW money and is in addition to the typical contribution which we provide annually to FLNRORD of $149,500 for maintenance on both roads.  As well, FLNRORD is contributing an additional $300,000 of NEW money this fiscal above the normal $200,000 spent by the Resource District on both Zeballos and Fair Harbour FSRs.  In total, this is an additional $1.9 million in NEW funding over two years to be focused on grading, crush surfacing and sightline improvements.”

Of the $300,000 in new funding, FLNRORD has allocated $90,000 towards additional grading on the road to keep the road at a standard that is acceptable. TRANS is prepared to find any additional funds needed for grading, to bridge the gap until the road surface is improved. 

We look forward to working closer to improve lives for everyone.


 Mayor Donnie Cox

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Eileen Lovestrom, Chief Administrative Officer

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View pdf version here – Zeballos News Release – Road Improvements

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