Please be advised that Surespan Construction will conduct blasting activities between June 23rd and 27th for production of riprap for use on the construction of the new Sugarloaf Bridge.

Specific notice will be published in the usual locations for everyone to access and will also be hand delivered to Keno Crescent residents as they will be closest to blasting.


  • While detonating explosives, Zeballos FSR will be CLOSED between Parkway Road and Km 37 for 30-minute intervals.
  • Notice for blasting will be given via a distinctive, audible signal (Horn) with 12 short whistle signals at one second intervals. 2 minutes after the last whistle, the blast will be initiated.
  • Following the blast, the area will be inspected. When found safe, one prolonged whistle signal of at least 5 seconds will sound.

See here for the blasting site and other details: NOTICE_Blasting_June 2017