Saturday, September 23rd

4:00 pm

Your Mayor and Council are busy making plans for a very local celebration to recognize the hardship endured and cooperation from all the residents during the Sugarloaf Bridge Replacement.

The first vehicle will go across the bridge at 4:00 pm on Saturday, September 23rd. We have a vision of all the people on the bridge in the pedestrian walkway while a parade of emergency vehicles (that are too heavy to have used the bridge since the fall of 2013) go across the deck. An aerial photo will be taken to mark the occasion. We’ll follow up with cupcakes for all just off the west end of the bridge.

So. . . if you want to be there, you should know. . . walking access will be available from both sides starting at 3:30 pm. First vehicle traffic will be from west to east at 4:00 pm. The vehicles will circle around and drive back across east to west for the completed parade and celebration.

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