Building BC’s Recovery, Together

COVID-19 is a wake-up call that, as a province, we need to be better prepared. We can never again let a pandemic affect people and our economy so much.

To get there, your voice is essential. That’s why the Provincial Government is asking you to share your ideas about BC’s recovery.

Building BC’s Recovery, Together published by the Province, is the start of a discussion about what kind of a province we want to build in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. SHARE YOUR OPINIONS: An online survey is one of the fastest and easiest ways that you can ensure your opinions are heard. It’s a chance to provide answers to some important questions and to give advice based on what you’re seeing in your community. Visit
  2. RESPOND TO THIS PAPER: This paper sets the stage for the challenges ahead of us. If you have some ideas and advice, you can submit them to
  3. PARTICIPATE IN VIRTUAL TOWNHALLS: We’ve connected with tens of thousands of British Columbians in virtual townhalls — and there’s more to come. This is a chance to share your comments and ask questions. Learn more about the virtual townhalls at


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