Thursday, August 23, 2018 Wildfire update:

The fire on the ridge is now 168 hectares in size. It is a rank 2 (open flame) fire. There will be a RAP crew brushing along the hydro lines at the south flank and a 10 member crew concentrating their efforts on the north flank.

Current Priorities to the South:

  • Protection of the main powerlines to the community;
  • Possible sprinkler system around hydro lines, though water supply might be an issue; and
  • Looking to send an aircraft in to look at the possibility of dropping fire retardant between the south flank and the hydro lines.

Current Priorities to the North:

  • Excavator work to establish a fire guard; and
  • Directing more water on the fire.

You can help to protect your home. According to the BC FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual:

“Wildfire can follow a path from a forest or grassland to your home. A wildfire moving from the tops of trees can be slowed if the trees are spaced out. It can be further slowed by flame-resistant plants and shrubs in your yard.”

What to do?

  1. Yard Spacing: Move combustible materials at least 10 metres from your home, such as firewood and stored fuel.
  2. Tree Spacing: Leave at least 3 metres between trees on your property.
  3. Prune Trees: Remove all tree branches within 2 metres of the ground.

Pick up your own copy of the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual at the Post Office or Village Office.

View full PDF  here: August 23 Wildfire Update.

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