Saturday, August 25, 2018 Wildfire update:

Zeballos received about 3 mm of rain overnight, but the fire size and status remains unchanged. This morning’s low cloud cover prevents firefighting efforts by helicopter, but ground crews will continue work to establish a wet line around the perimeter of the north flank.

Current priorities on the South flank continue to be the power lines. Crews have gone in and brushed a significant perimeter around the hydro lines. This work will continue as possible.

On the North flank of the fire, crews completed the task of clearing a fire guard to tie into the river and successfully created a 100 ft wet line around the sea cans at the East Side Evacuation site. They will extend the sprinkler system for structure protection if needed.

You can help to protect your home. Here are a few easy fire prevention tips from the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual:

  • Move your firewood pile at least 10m away from your house.
  • Maintain a clean roof and gutters.
  • Keep your lawn and fence line mowed, as grasses shorter than 10cm are less likely to burn intensely.

Pick up your own copy of the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual at the Post Office or Village Office.

View PDF of this update here: Zeballos Wildfire Update – August 25

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