Monday, August 27, 2018 Wildfire update:

We are so thankful for all the crews working on this fire! At this time, we have one Incident Commander and one Strike Team Leader from BC Wildfire Service, four firefighters from the Port McNeill Volunteer Fire Department, five firefighters from the Comox Fire Department’s Structural Protection Unit, ten firefighters contracted from Khowutzun Forest Service, and a five-member team from Ehatis Resources contracted to clear the area around the power lines. Our own Zeballos Volunteer Fire Department firefighters are on standby and will be dispatched if the fire moves closer to structures.

The fire size and status remains unchanged. Priorities continue to be protecting homes and infrastructure on the north end of the fire, and power lines on the south end. Ground crews have cleared debris on Maquinna Avenue to maintain that as an evacuation route, but it will remain closed to regular traffic until the fire is completely out and the slope is assessed for safety.

Ground crews continue to clear around the powerline poles to the south. A significant perimeter has already been brushed around the hydro lines. This work will continue as possible. On the north flank, crews have established a wet line around the east side evacuation site.

Safety for all public and firefighting personnel remains a priority. The sprinkler system already in place will be maintained and expanded as necessary.

From the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual:

50% of home fires caused by wildfires are started by sparks and embers! Dry leaves, pine needles, and the like are easily blown into spaces under decks, between stair steps, gutters, and eaves. This type of debris is easily ignited by sparks and embers. Regular maintenance to remove debris from your home and yard will leave nothing for embers to ignite.

Have a look around your place today. What ONE thing can you do today to make your home and property a little safer? DO IT!

Pick up your own copy of the FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual at the Post Office or Village Office.

View PDF of this update here: Zeballos Wildfire Update – August 27

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